Serecraft implies a vessel that behaves calmly and safely, and will not cause any surprises in use. Serecraft is based on the experience and knowledge of experienced, professional boat designers in designing seaworthy, steady and durable work boats. The design relies on the latest design standards and international and local regulations for work boats. Serecraft model series comprises many different boat types, and for most of our projects we have adapted a slogan: ”Customized as Standard”.

The practical approach in the design and implementation of the Serecraft boats carefully considers the requirements of professional use of the boats. Safety, ergonomics, efficiency and ease of use are our core design criteria, guiding our thinking and implementation of manufacturing. As an example the bow RAMP on our workboats, through which loading and unloading can be done quickly and safely. The low wheelhouse noise level is another good example of our development efforts to ensure a good work space for a professional user of a Serecraft boat.

The hull material of the Serecraft boats is high-class marine grade aluminium, which keeps the boats durable and light. Naturally, we also produce steel hulled boats. Seaworthiness and stability as well as thorough consideration of quality and the requirements of professional use are key factors in the production of our boats. All our Serecraft boats are equipped with components that best meet our customers’ needs in order to optimally fulfil the customer’s requirements of purposeful use.

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All Serecrafts are manufactured by experienced craftsmen, using the best materials available. The hulls of the boats are welded by class certified welders. The interior of boats with cabins are crafted by professional Finnish carpenters, using carefully chosen materials. The components installed are chosen from well known high-class marine component brands. A five year warranty for the materials and workmanship of the hull is supplied as standard.